ARABIC VOICE OVER TALENT ® World's Top Arabic voices

ARABIC VOICE OVER TALENT ® World's Top Arabic voices

ARABIC VOICE OVER TALENT ® World’s Top Arabic voices

Main Resource of Arabic voice over services in the world! From our studios both in Cairo and many other Arab countries, we have a huge roster of​ ​male​ and female Arabic Voice Talents who speak Natural Standard Arabic as well as many other dialects & accents. We provide high-quality audio, first-class​ service ​and great value to our customers. ​We can give you the perfect Arabic voice for commercials, narration, station imaging, on-hold messaging, and more! ​We are more than just Arabic voice talents. We also provide translations, localization, ​and dubbing in Arabic and other foreign languages Contact Us and get started today!



Narration Dry [Download]

Commercial [Download]

Narration dry [Download]

Commercial [Download]

Arabic Male Fady [Download]

Commercial [Download]

Sample 2 [Download]

  Narration  [Download]

Mohammed [Download]


Arabic Male Native [Download]

Mamdouh Sample File [Download]

Safwat Sample File [Download]

Ali Sample File [Download]
Ahmed madani

Ahmed madani Sample File [Download]

Mohab Sample File [Download]

Maged Sample File [Download]

Arabic Kids Collection 1

Arabic Kids collection 1 [Download]
Arabic Kids Collection 2

Arabic Kids  Collection 2 [Download]
Kids custom Demo

Kids custom Demo [Download]



Arabic Female [Download]

Arabic Female Sample 1 [Download]

Arabic Female Sample 2 [Download]

Arabic Female Sample 1 [Download]

Arabic Female Sample 2 [Download]

IVR [Download]

Arabic Female Native [Download]

Arabic Female Fatma [Download]

Arabic Femala Noha Sample [Download]

Arabic Female Ebtehal [Download]

Arabic Female Manal [Download]

Arabic Female IVR Sample [Download]

Hoda Arabic Female [Download]
Reham Egyptian

Reham Egyptian Sample [Download]

Egyptian accent [Download]

    Raised and Studied Arts and Media in Egypt , In 2008 Started as a solo voiceover talent, but Later as the need for additional services such as recording, translating, and dubbing in Arabic And All Foreign Languages continue to grow, so i did the need for an additional Professionals team of many voiceover talents from all across the Arab Countries and globe!

    Day After Day we Became The Main Well-known Arabic Voice Over Agency In The Middle East and World .

    We provides Talents With a clear, crisp, warm style that's confident, dependable, positive, and influential with a wide range of Arabic styles from the natural to modern, with a variety of accents to choose from! Modern Standard , Egyptian Accent , Saudi Accent ,Gulf Arabic ,Lebanese Arabic , Iraqi Arabic , Moroccan Arabic , Palestinian Arabic , Sudanese Arabic ,Yemeni Arabic .

    Our website www.arabicvoiceovertalent.com brings you the exact Arabic Voice you want ​

    Our Team is the crystal clear choice for all your voiceover needs at the best quality and the price you can afford !

    I Encourage you to Contact Us Now If You Have Any Voice Project . Fady

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